With the election of Donald Trump, a problem that had been plaguing parts of Europe for many decades, has become obvious in the United States: Abusing widespread insecurity about a safe future for freedom values, black-clad thugs spread violence and intimidation in the streets, attempting to justify it as “anti-fascism”, a “resistance” allegedly necessary to fight back “Nazis” and an impending fascist takeover.

To the writer of this text, it seems strange that violent extremists use Nazis as an actual, political scare today, in a country where they are alien, historical enemies and mainly the super-villains in movies and video games. This text gives a perspective from Germany, showing how this “anti-fascism” has been used as a pretext for oppression and violence, abusing the actual historical background.

Violent “antifascists” usually claim to defend liberal values, let it be sexual freedom, absence of racism, equal rights for women or almost any kind of minority. But their practices and goals have little to do with this. People both in America and Germany now mostly profit from liberal values, and old injustice, or worse, has greatly been reduced. But in an alleged, and in parts real, threat to them, extremists exploit the fear: From the street-fighting, communist goons of the 1920s and 1930s, over various militant and terrorist groups in the later 20th century, a path leads to to the often university-based, bourgeois “communist” and “anarchist” gangs of today, bound on intimidation and violence against average citizens.

And, with them, important parts of political elites and especially media, who often tend to downplay it or are, not seldom, supporters and part of this movement. This leads us to the possibly bigger part of the problem: Antifa and Black Blocs as a part of general oppression! Increasing parts of the Antifa movement turn away from traditional leftist, towards an oppressive “liberal elite” attitude. And this oppressive function of Antifa in Germany is linked to the role in post WW2 society – something that seems to be spreading to other countries, too.

Obviously, something very evil crossed the Atlantic, a bit until recently, and greatly soaring after the Trump election. But America has better political traditions, can react better to contemporary challenges and doesn’t need to pick up totalitarian movements, originating from the poisoned political climate in Germany during the 1920s and early 30s. Just like most US Americans will agree that Nazism should not be a relevant part of their societies, “antifascist” commie thugs should probably not be, either!

Since this text is not written from an American perspective, some perceptions of events in the USA may be incomplete or wrong. The texts will be corrected if flaws are found. Also note that the author in in no way a representative of Germany, or any social group in Germany. Just somebody making thoughts about the local history, and how some domestic evils are about to conquer societies across the ocean, too.


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