Is Anti Hate Speech Legislation in Germany good?

The practice in post WW2 Germany, to restrict free speech far more and to reject an almost complete freedom, as by the US 1st Amendment, are sometimes quoted as examples how the US should respond to an alleged fascist tendency, gaining ground with the Trump election. Would they really be just a small infringement on hate speech, or would they result in arbitrary censorship. So, let’s have a look at the situation in Germany today: Continue reading “Is Anti Hate Speech Legislation in Germany good?”


Is the Antifa Anti-Authoritarian?

Since the pre-WW2 communist militias, Antifa groups in western countries significantly changed their appearance. First to see is the inclusion of anarchism in their language and symbols: black or red-black flags, circle “A” or also a black cat are commonly used by them. Black blocs still have their dress as a kind of uniform, but no longer the military style of former street troopers, and no longer the high level hierarchical structures and command chains. Antifa activists today often claim to be “anti-authoritarian”. Continue reading “Is the Antifa Anti-Authoritarian?”

Invisible Empires

What does the Antifa have in common with the Ku Klux Klan?

Their political views and desired social orders may be seemingly opposite, but both share the same concept: instead of being official, government controlled forces, or belonging at least to a certain political party, they represent a loose movement of groups, bound to enforce a certain social order through underground intimidation and terror. Continue reading “Invisible Empires”

A Low-Budget Intelligence Service

When dealing with Antifa, it is important not to underestimate them. They may look like dumb street goons, but many are very educated and intelligent – usually way more so than any militia, neo-Nazi or KKK group.

Remember how the former communist countries had huge intelligence services to suppress their peoples? There were Cheka/NKVD/KGB, Stasi, Securitate and many others, with one major task: Continue reading “A Low-Budget Intelligence Service”

Why Black Bloc and Antifa aren’t Freedom Fighters

Terms like “antifascist”, “against far right” or being against any kind of evil “Isms” suggest that these gangs fight for civil rights, for a good cause, albeit sometimes using illegal methods.

Such a perception is completely and gravely wrong!

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With the election of Donald Trump, a problem that had been plaguing parts of Europe for many decades, has become obvious in the United States: Abusing widespread insecurity about a safe future for freedom values, black-clad thugs spread violence and intimidation in the streets, attempting to justify it as “anti-fascism”, a “resistance” allegedly necessary to fight back “Nazis” and an impending fascist takeover.

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“Black Bloc” and so-called “Antifascists” grew big in the USA after Trump’s victory. Abusing fear about the future of freedom, they pose a serious threat to it themselves. A view and warning from Germany, where they have been active for a very long time.

Why Black Bloc and Antifa aren’t Freedom Fighters
A Low-Budget Intelligence Service
Invisible Empires
Is the Antifa Anti-Authoritarian?
Is Anti Hate Speech Legislation in Germany good?